Is It Time To Update Your Loyalty Program's Rewards?

June 10, 2014 Kate Ehlen

It’s inevitable that your business will change, possibly as quickly as the coming of the seasons. Your menu may grow, your specials may vary or a community event may provide an opportunity for new inspiration. And as your business develops over time, so should your loyalty program.

Rewards are the foundation of your loyalty program. They are the first thing your customers see when they sign up and what entice them to come back more often. You want to be sure they are always fresh, fun and engaging. As seasons change, it’s beneficial to evaluate your rewards and their performance.

Take a look in your web command center to see which rewards are the most popular. Are some outdated or not getting any traction? Are there any products missing that your customers should know about? Are your rewards capturing your store’s personality?

Here are three things to remember when revamping your rewards:

Rewards Help Promote New Items or Services

Every customer can easily view your rewards when they visit your business; the eye-catching iPad is prime real estate for that. So when you have new items, products or services that you want them to know about, your rewards are a great way to do it. Offering a new item as a low point value reward for a limited time is an easy way to get customers to try it. By making your best customers a fan, you’ll increase the likelihood of them telling their friends to try it as well.

New Rewards Provide Email Content

It’s important to remain top of mind with all of your customers. Updating rewards provides you with significant content for an email campaign and further ensures that you’re getting the word out about new items to customers who haven’t visited recently. Make use of the new Belly Email Tool, Campaigns, and create an engaging email about your new rewards in the matter of minutes!

Rewards Provide You With An Opportunity To Connect To Customers On A Personal Level

By including at least one experiential reward in your rewards suite, you’ll set your business apart while simultaneously building strong connections with your customers. Some ideas for experiential rewards include:

  • Lessons: “Learn How To Hand Toss Pizza Dough”, “Let Us Teach You How To Blow Out Your Hair Like A Pro”, “Pretty Pooch 101: One Lesson On The Basics Of Dog Grooming”
  • Employee Competition: “Arm Wrestle For A Brownie”, “Rock, Paper, Scissors For A Free Side Item”, “Push Up Contest For A Free Snack”
  • Make Your Own: “Create Your Own Sandwich & We’ll Feature It For A Month”
  • Charity Rewards: “We Will Add A Dollar To The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on Your Behalf”
  • In-Home Experience: “Our Chef Will Come To Your Home & Cook A 3 Course Meal For 2!”
  • After Hours Party: “Bring 5 Friends & Have The Shop To Yourselves For 2 Hours - Complete With Wine!”Trade Secrets: “We’ll Share The Recipe For Our Famous Cookies With You”
  • VIP treatment: “Cut The Line For A Week”, “Reserve The Big Booth For The Next Game”
  • Permanent Fame: “We’ll Add Your Name & Photo To Our Hall Of Fame Wall.”

Ready to revamp? You can change, delete or add rewards directly from the Web Command Center (or the Command Center on the iPad). And don’t forget - your Merchant Success Manager is always ready to provide you with even more ideas and assistance!

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